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July 29, 2012: Theo & Zydeco Patrol bring a spicy taste of Louisiana to La Jolla Cove!

Accordion player & band leader Theo Bellow & Drummer Pat Kingland, Theo & Zydeco Patrol, Photo by Edward A. Sanchez

Thanks to today’s concert sponsor Cymer, Inc., Theo & Zydeco Patrol hit the stage at La Jolla Cove today. The band features the diatonic “Cajun-style” button accordion, keyboard accordion, washboard and vocals in the original Cajun French of Southwest Louisiana. An enthusiastic crowd showed up to enjoy an

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Cymer, Inc.

La Jolla Concerts By the Sea - Cymer, Inc. logo (image), click to visit company website

CONCERT SPONSOR! Cymer, the world’s leading supplier of excimer light sources, delivers the deep ultraviolet (DUV) photolithography sources that are essential to today’s semiconductor marketplace. Known for its highly narrowed bandwidths, higher processing speeds, and reliability, Cymer light sources are key in enabling technology which has allowed

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Music Performance Fund

La Jolla Concerts By the Sea - Music Performance Fund logo (image), click to visit Music Performance Fund website

Headquartered in New York City, MPF is the world’s largest sponsor of live, admission-free musical programs. Last year, MPF presented over 10,000 performances to the people of the United States and Canada. Millions of people in major U.S. and Canadian cities and villages enjoyed instrumental music of

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Brass Ring Multimedia
(Ruby Level Friend)

Brass Ring Multimedia was founded in 1998 in La Jolla, California by local Edward A. Sanchez (LJ Concerts webmaster & unofficial photographer) with the goal of serving small business owners through excellence in design. Contributing to the success of small businesses is Brass Ring’s mission. An “internet guide” with

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