July 29, 2012: Theo & Zydeco Patrol bring a spicy taste of Louisiana to La Jolla Cove!

Theo & Zydeco Patrol were sponsored by Cymer, Inc.

Thanks to today’s concert sponsor Cymer, Inc., Theo & Zydeco Patrol hit the stage at La Jolla Cove today. The band features the diatonic “Cajun-style” button accordion, keyboard accordion, washboard and vocals in the original Cajun French of Southwest Louisiana.

An enthusiastic crowd showed up to enjoy an especially gorgeous La Jolla summer day and dance in the sun to the rhythms of this great band.

Theo & the Zydeco Patrol is:
Victor Franklin – Bass
CJ Hutchins – Guitar
Theo Bellow – Accordion
Jim Castalano – Washboard
Pat Kingland – Drums
Monnette Moreora – Congas
Terry Finwick – Keyboard

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